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A network assessment is essential in maintaining a healthy network environment. It provides the accurate information you need to make smart decisions about planned modifications or new technologies. It helps avoid surprises and helps provide early warning to so many hidden problems and issues lurking on the horizon. Most importantly, it provides you with a map and baseline from which to work.

In addition, you can use the assessment report and consultation with our consultants to develop contingency plans for network weaknesses and vulnerabilities such as sudden bandwidth requirements. A network assessment should be performed on an annual basis or more frequently if events warrant it. The analysis is also helpful to spot trends, to plan and implement short-term preventive maintenance as well as long-term strategic action.


  • Provides baseline of network state for smart decision-making about planned modifications or new technologies
  • Provides warning to help avoid network crises
  • Addresses network performance and availability issues
  • Establishes the direction for planning a network that supports future business and technology requirements
  • Uncovers topology, hardware, software and procedures previously hidden
  • Provides facts for technical and executive decision making

Typical Situations

  • Network life event (merger/acquisition, relocation, migration, technology addition)
  • Network expansion or modification
  • Performance and reliability problems with applications, frame relay, routers or LAN/WAN
  • Bandwidth capacity planning for both applications and network transport
  • Desire to decrease overall network cost
  • Need for independent validation of current infrastructure or future plans

Typical Scope

  • Interview IT and business managers and document business and user requirements
  • Measure and document network performance and functionality
  • Identify critical applications and vital data impacting the network
  • Map network topology including protocols and logical drawing
  • Analyze traffic pattern including utilization and throughput statistics
  • Take inventory of network hardware, software, and skills
  • Check routers and switch codes, logs, device errors, CPU and memory utilization

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