Are you prepared for disaster?

Did you know that almost 90% of all email messages to our clients are SPAM? That’s what our SPAM filter statistics are averaging across all of our clients. That’s more than 300,000 emails that are blocked each month! In the modern office, network security is an essential […]

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Nightmares About Data Backups?

Do you know when you should worry about backing up your files and protecting your IT infrastructure? The answer isn’t AFTER something bad happens… It’s BEFORE! So, if you have questions like: How can we GUARANTEE backup of ALL data on ALL servers, no matter where they […]

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First Aid for Gadgets – Whitepaper

For better or worse, we’re more reliant on our handheld gadgets than ever. So when things go wrong — e.g. your smartphone’s battery dies at the worst possible moment or your tablet takes an unplanned dip in the pool — it helps to know what to do! […]

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Tech News and Tips – June 2013

  Monthly tech news + tips from Huntington Technology, Inc. Does your business have a cybersecurity plan? In 2012, companies with just one to 250 employees — what we commonly think of as small businesses — were the victims in more than 30 percent of all cyber […]

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Tech News and Tips – May 2013

Monthly tech news + tips from Huntington Technology, Inc.   Turn your small business into a tech powerhouse Ensure your business possesses the right technology to succeed. Continue reading »   Can CRM programs boost your small business? Does your small business use customer relationship management — […]

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VoIP at a glance – Whitepaper

Every business wants to cut costs, right? In our continued economic slump, we’ve found that many businesses have an added extra urgency in this regard—which explains the renewed interest in our VoIP telephone service. And though VoIP has been around for several years, business owners still have […]

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Tech News and Tips – April 2013

Monthly tech news + tips from Huntington Technology, Inc.   Email Etiquette for a Busy World How to be a graceful and effective communicator in the digital age. Continue reading »   5 Tips for Better Digital Productivity Quick and easy tips that’ll make you more productive […]

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Tech News and Tips – March 2013

Monthly tech news + tips from Huntington Technology, Inc. Soaked Gadgets: How You Can Save Them Accidents happen. Here’s what to do when they involve liquids and electronic devices.Continue reading Sit Too Much? Build a Standing Desk Maybe you’ve heard: prolonged daily sitting is bad for you. […]

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Tech News and Tips – February 2013

Monthly tech news + tips from Huntington Technology, Inc.   Square and Your Business: Match Made in Heaven? Should businesses cheer the arrival of Square? Continue reading »   Business Owners: Meet Big Data Do you know what big data is? As a business owner, you should. […]

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Your guide to Telecommuting Security – Whitepaper

With a couple of recent studies showing that telecommuting can actually *improve* worker productivity and morale, we expect that more local businesses will let their employees work remotely. Which is great! Except for one thing: *data security* Telecommuting raises specific security concerns that should be proactively identified […]

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